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handover protocol

Simply, clearly and quickly. This protocol is a great helper for renting a property. You don't need to remember anything. Fill in the protocol and upload photos in 5 - 10 minutes directly on your phone or tablet. In the protocol, there is a place for all details regarding the condition of the entire property and recording the state of the water meter, gas meter, and electricity meter. The completed and signed protocol will receive both parties to the email in PDF, including inserted photos, which makes the protocol easily traceable at any time for the landlords and the tenants!

Advantages of the Protocol for Owner and Tenant


Signed protocol after completing immediately sent by email to the landlord's and tenant's mail

PDF document containing not only verbal description, standard meter data but also photographs showing actual condition when handover, rating status on the scale 1*- 5*

Easy traceability at any time later in the email (on disk or anywhere else where it is stored)


Photos showing present furniture and accessories

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Space to fill in the specifications of appliances (e.g., necessary maintenance)

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Quick & clear

Fill in the form directly within 5 - 15 minutes when you hand over the property, simply from your phone.

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Description of equipment

A detailed description of the furniture and all furnishings, including quantity, condition, and other specifications.

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Insert photos

With the full version of the protocol, you can upload photos, which are the most telling help in describing the overall condition of the property and its furnishings.


State of meters

Boxes for the status of water, electricity, and gas meters, including the possibility of inserting photographs.

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Description of any demages

There is a box on the form to describe individual damages and minor imperfections that should be mentioned at handover.

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Sign & pay

Once completed, both parties sign the form directly on the phone. In the case of the full version, you will also pay directly from your mobile phone. Afterwards, both parties will receive an email with the completed protocol in PDF.

Why use the handover protocol?

Simple protocol for all owners and tenants. We send the completed protocol to the landlord's and the tenant's emails, which makes it easy to trace for both sides at any time later. Compared to conventional handover protocols, there is no need to print anything, and there is a possibility to insert photos. When the rental relationship is terminated, please check according to the specifications and the photos I've attached; you don't need to remember anything.

You can quickly fill in within 5-15 minutes (depending on the size of the space and the amount of detail) when handing over the property directly on your phone, tablet, or computer, significantly simplifying the renting process. It contains the boxes to describe the equipment and the property's condition from general to particular information. Of course, there are boxes for the states of electricity, water, and gas meters.

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About the handover protocol

A simple way to hand over the property

About the handover protocol

We offer a simple protocol for all owners and tenants. Thanks to this protocol, both parties will receive the landlord and tenant in the PDF to email after its completion.

Because of sending the protocol to email, it is easy to find for both sides at any time. Compared to conventional handover protocols, there is no need to print anything, and there is a possibility to insert photos. Much furniture is often placed in rental apartments, and the tenant moves in his own. The rental relationship can take several years, and after such a time, it is difficult to remember what was in the apartment and what was not. For example, if you open a PDF with a protocol after three years, you can find the necessary information according to the photos and descriptions. In addition, the photographs show the situated furniture and the possible damage to the interior.

The protocol allows you to fill in all essentials—water, gas, and electricity meter values. Furthermore, it will enable you to fill in total information about real estate, such as the condition of walls, floors, windows, or furniture. There is also a place for describing all the equipment and an overview of minor imperfections that may occur before the start of the lease.

You can describe anything important to you. We offer two variants. We recommend using the version, including photos, for the price of 4 EUR. Photographs are the most telling factor in the state of the property and the present equipment. The second option is the form without possibly attaching photos; this version is free.


You fill in the protocol within about five to ten minutes, in the case of a larger apartment or house, for 15 minutes. It also depends on how much of a detailed description you want to give. When handing over the property, please fill in directly on your phone, tablet, or computer.


You fill in personal data and the state of meters and check the property's condition, including furniture and other equipment. Write everything necessary, insert photos, and sign directly on your phone, tablet, or computer. You can confirm the completed protocol, pay by credit card, and then receive the completed and signed protocol in the e-mails you have included when you fill it out.


If the tenant leaves the property after some time, you find the document with the protocol in the email or the stored location and check the condition of the property and equipment present. Fill in this protocol. You do not have to worry about losing a paper document and do not need to remember the amount of detail.


Fill in now!

Contact us

If you have any questions or suggestions for improving the protocol, we would appreciate your message.

" I used the handover report when I rented my flat. I prefer electronic documents to filing paper documents. The possibility of inserting photos is the most significant advantage. They show what I forget to write down.”

Emma W.

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