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Hello! Welcome in Prague!

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Best place in Prague!
Our team has gone to great lengths to ensure your apartment provides the comfort, convenience and safety during your stay in Prague.

This manual and guidebook is intended to answer any questions that you may have about the apartment and its appliances as well as to inform you about the rules and regulations of this property which we kindly ask you to follow. 


Prague public transport operates 24 hours/day. From 5 AM until midnight there are regular tram/bus lines, and metro,  during the night you can use special night bus/tram lines. 

A ticket for the Prague public transport network permits travel on the Prague Metro, trams and buses for a set period of time: 30 or 90 minute, 24 or 72 hours.
with unlimited switching between the three means of transport. Don't forget to stamp the ticket the first time. 

The easiest way how to buy the ticket is official PID app Lítačka. You can download the app here for iOS or Android.

Tickets are on sale at metro stations, newsagents, and from orange/yellow ticket machines at major tram and bus stops.
If you buy paper ticket, don't forget to stamp the first time. 

Tickets can also be purchased from ticket machines inside some trams with a contactless card - these don't have to be stamped and are valid from the time you bought it.


The nearest convenience store is Vacek Bio-market in Mostecká street.
It is just 1 minute walk, near the Charles bridge.
Here's how to get there from the apartment:

The nearest supermarket and shopping center is OC Anděl, approx 15 minutes by public transport:

The nearest pharmacy is Fragnerova lékárna at Malostranské náměstí, we recommend to check the opening hours online first as it has quite limited opening hours.
Here's how to get there:


Turn the knobs at the side of the radiators to desired temperature.

If the radiator doesn’t heat up in few minutes, please let us know.

Kitchen appliances


The washing machine and dryer are located in the laundry room opposite to your apartment, the door behind the staircase.

To turn the washing machine, please press the button "Zap/Vyp" on the right side of the display.
Turn the big round button to select the washing cycle, close the door and press the “start/pauza” button o the right side of the display.
The “auto program” is the easiest to use, no need to set the temperature and spins, but you can choose other ones as well.

Here is short explanation of the programmes:

Xpress Super Short - quick washing , small batch of clothes

40/40 - 40 minutes cycle for bigger batch of clothes

Jemné, Vlna Ruční praní- gentle washing for soft materials such as wool

Bavlna, Bavlna Eco - for cotton, higher temperatures

Syntetika - for synthetics clothes

Tmavé prádlo - for dark clothes

The temperature and spins can be adjusted by the buttons on the right side of the display.

The button “rychlé praní” below the display shortens the time of the washing cycle.


For additional fee we can provide you with housekeeping service and exchange of the bedsheets and towels.

If you'd like our cleaners to do the housekeeping, just let us know.

Waste disposal

Bins for non-recycled waste are in the entrance of our building below the bookcase.

Containers for recycling are 2 minutes walk from our apartment:



The electrical sockets in the apartment are compatible with plug types C, E & F



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